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Who We Are

Innovative solutions addressing global sustainability and environmental challenges

We are a biotech company and a leading Australian producer of sustainable animal feed and agri-products. Our innovative technology provides a sustainable and profitable business model based on recreating organic waste into animal feed and fertiliser products for the aquaculture, pet feed and agricultural sectors. We utilise the Black Soldier Fly as centre to the overall process and product, chosen for its outstanding breeding, nutritional and processing benefits. Our solution closes the loop for the food and feed industries, reducing waste, is better for the environment and improves supply chain sustainability, and contributing to a circular economy.

Our Products

Proven and independently tested

Future Green Solutions supplies Australia's leading animal feed and nutrition companies with tailored product capability.

Future Protein

A natural, sustainable, and nutritional source of protein. Supplying to Australia’s leading pet feed and livestock nutrition companies

Future Oils

A nutritional and functional ingredient suitable for the pets, swine and poultry diets and for other industrial applications

Future Frass

Soil improver and enhances plant nutrition and growth

Company Goals

Current Snapshot

Tonnes Per Day Produced
25 %
Agricultural Waste Saved
Facilities by 2027

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our solution to global food supply, sustainability and environmental issues.

  • Global food supply is increasingly constrained, driven by population growth and protein consumption, produced from unsustainable and diminishing sources
  • Protein consumption to increase by 50% by 2050, heading towards a protein deficit 
  • As demand for sustainable produced feed grows, the BSF will play a pivotal role and provides a smaller environmental footprint vs. other feed sources