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About Us

Future Green Solutions is a Perth-based locally owned and operated company, currently commercializing the process of farming black solider flies. 

While focused on various aspects of research and  development, FGS are a boutique supplier of live insects to the pet food industry.

Our Mission

The company’s corresponding mission is to provide shareholder value through viable waste transformation solutions whilst simultaneously creating products for global agriculture and aquaculture sectors.

Food Waste

Helping to solve the current food waste crisis. Diverting organic food waste from landfill, as use for BSF feed.

Black Solider Fly

Black soldier fly larvae are ferocious feeders that efficiently convert organic waste into high value proteins and oils.

Soil Ameliorants

The resultant larvae castings can then be utilized as high grade soil ameliorants.

Waste Treatment

Currently investigating opportunities for BSF to treat problematic organic wastes.

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