The Stable Fly Action group with Perth NRM visited an exciting biotechnology start-up company in Shenton Park this week. The work is trialling the use of Black Soldier Flies to reduce waste from current farming practices and produces alternative soil amendments and feed ingredients as a result. Luke Wheat, director of Future Green Solutions, grists waste streams from horticulture, chicken and swine production systems, to which they introduce high volumes of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae that feed and break down the mix.

This process creates Frass, at a 2:1 conversion rate, which can then be used as a nutrient rich soil ameliorant which is comparable to some synthetic fertilizers. There is also a conversion of 5:1 for waste to Soldier Fly larvae.

The ameliorant has good nitrogen and phosphorous levels and can be tailored to end use by altering the diet of the BSF’s. The larvae is being trialled as high protein feed for the aquaculture and pet food industries or reduced to oils and meal as ingredients in the feed industry.

The process is testing the commercial viability of this system contributing closing the loop on waste. Much research is still being conducted to assess the full potential of the Frass and the use of other waste materials.

This research is collaboration with UWA, DPIRD, Fisheries and Agrifutures, all partnering the work. It is an exciting project which has taken many years of hard work and persistence to prove but seems to have a bright future contributing to greening our planet through the reduction of waste and the production of a high protein food source and bio-fertiliser.