Future Green Solutions is pleased to announce the successful award of a $4.2 million research and development project focused on the creation of high quality fertilisers and soil improvers from agricultural waste. The project, funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture, will be led by Australia Pork Limited in collaboration with the following industry and research partners: Australian Eggs, AgriFutures (chicken meat program), Australian Meat Processing Corporation, Dairy Australia, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland and the University of Western Australia.

Key milestones of the research will include:
– Develop Future Green Solutions larvae and frass into economically competitive, tailored, granulated fertilisers that are safe to handle, transport and store;
– Quantify the biosecurity and environmental risks associated with the use of insect based fertiliser and frass for alternative products;
– Overcome barriers to adoption by involving policy makers and farmers during trials and assisting early adopters through extension activities.

We look forward to working with all of our new partners on this exciting project and helping further support the growth of the emerging insect industry.