We strive for a sustainable and greener future

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our innovative process converts low value organic waste into high value products.

Future Green Solutions process closes the loop

Addressing the global food supply, sustainability and environmental issues

Global food supply is becoming a serious problem, driven by population growth and protein consumption, produced from unsustainable and diminishing sources.

  • The United Nations FAO estimates that food production will have to increase by 50% to feed the world in 2050

Challenges in traditional feed sources

  • Diminishing wild fish supply and unsustainable demand for aquaculture production
  • Volatile soy prices impacts animal feed producers

Environmental impact of animal feed production

  • The livestock sector uses about 80% of available agricultural land worldwide and produces 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Global waste challenges

  • 1.3bn tonnes of waste volume created globally in food/feed production and consumption
  • In Australia, 25% of farm produce goes to waste, primarily to landfill

Our solution directly addresses UN SDGs, which are guiding principals in our sustainability goals:

  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 14 Life Below Water (Less Fishing for Feed)
  • 15 Life on Land (Less Land for Food)