• “The development of Future Greens Solution’s unique solution with BSF in waste treatment, with the production of high value fertilisers and livestock feeds, is a vital step towards sustainable agriculture and food production within our region. This process is supportive and complimentary to Perth NRM’s initiatives helping segments of the West Australian agri-business sector striving to achieve greater sustainability in their production and supply chain systems.”
    Graham McAlpine,
    Perth NRM
  • “We have developed a unique partnership with Future Green Solutions that continues to break research boundaries and drive innovation. Our work with Future Green Solutions is extremely exciting, and has potential to make a real difference to the planet.”
    Vicky Johnstone, Research Development Advisor,
  • “By investigating the potential for insect meal as a substitute for fishmeal in diets for aquaculture, Future Green Solutions is addressing an issue of global importance.  This focus is well aligned the UWA Oceans Institute's identification of aquaculture as a research priority, particularly in the context of innovation for food security across the Indian Ocean rim countries.
    Assoc. Prof. Julian Partridge, Deputy Director
    UWA Oceans Institute